How to Resolve Quickbooks Unhandled Exception Error?


Management becomes so easy while working with Quickbooks accounting software. Quickbooks software has helped accounting manager’s sort their accounting strategies in a proper format. Hence, we can say that Quickbooks has done an incredible job at providing customers with exceptional services.

However, being technical even software as incredible as Quickbooks has the best chances at facing technical errors which causes major hindrances in our work.

Today, in this blog we will be discussing one of the most common technical issues of this software which is Quickbooks Unhandled Exception Error. This problem mainly occurs when the software user tries to open the QWC file which further seems unattainable due to this reason.

What are the Major Causes of Quickbooks Unhandled Exception Error?

A number of reasons can be the roots to this specific error. Here are some of the most basic and major reasons that could have caused an issue as such for your software.

  • The Quickbooks software is unable to detect error and faults
  • Quickbooks is not connecting with the applications of Microsoft
  • There are a few Java components that are crucial for Quickbooks accounting software that may not be present in your PC.

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How to Resolve Quickbooks Unhandled Exception Error?

The one solution that you can try is to Install Microsoft.Net framework 3.5

Take a look at some of the steps here-

  1. Firstly, make sure to shut down all the presently working applications on your PC.
  2. Click on the window key and then select run.
  3. After an open field opens, type control and then press enter.
  4. View the control panel in front of you and then click to add or remove any programs.
  5. after that look for Microsoft.NET framework 3.5. In case, you do not find it then make sure to install it in your PC.
  6. Locate Microsoft.NET framework and rename it. Repair and then go for the next.
  7. You will see a pop-up box which will restart your PC.
  8. Select Ok.

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